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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

Primary Audience and Categories

Moving from Early World of Learning to World Book Advanced, World Book Online aligns end-users with their appropriate learning levels. Each stand-alone site provides additional features to support the needs of users' specific capabilities.

Life Skills

PreK Learning

World Book Resource List

world book globe icon   World Book (landing page) Career, Education, General, Languages, Test Preparation
world book advanced icon, artist compass   World Book Advanced High School
world book discover icon, telescope   World Book Discover Career, Practice Tests, General, Language
world book dramatic learning icon, theater masks   World Book Dramatic Learning Education, General, Elementary, Middle School, High School
icon for world book early world of learning, happy face earth   World Book Early Learning Early Literacy, Education, Elementary
world book kids icon, balloon   World Book Kids Elementary
world book student icon, pencil   World Book Student Elementary, Middle School

Promotional Materials

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