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South Dakota State Library Services: E-rate

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

E-Rate FAQs

  • E-rate subsidizes certain technology services and equipment in schools and libraries.
  • Most SD public libraries are eligible to apply for E-rate.
  • E-rate is funded through a universal service fee charged to companies that provide telecommunications services.
  • E-rate discounts range from 20%-90% of the costs of eligible services, based on the percentage of the local school district population eligible for the National School Lunch Program.
  • Libraries are important providers of Internet access to communities.
  • E-rate can help your library obtain affordable Internet access and telecommunications services.
  • Most SD public libraries are eligible to apply for E-rate.
  • Services to buildings - phone, internet access, and data transmission services
  • Services & equipment inside buildings - Wi-Fi, building infrastructure and networking equipment (access points, antennas, cabling, firewalls, network switches, routers, UPSs, etc.), basic maintenance of internal connections
  • Start now by talking to your library board and IT people. What does the library need? Reduced rates on internet, increased broadband capacity, better Wi-Fi? The E-rate application begins with a competitive bidding request so you'll have to be able to itemize the products and services you want.
  • The application process opens a year before the discounts begin. That means you should be ready to begin your library's application by this summer/fall for discounts in the 2019 funding year (beginning July 1, 2019).
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E-rate news

Save the dates for Fall E-rate Training! Details released later.

Tuesday, September 25 - Rapid City
Wednesday, September 26 - Pierre
Thursday, September 27 - Aberdeen

Friday, September 28 - Sioux Falls

Questions? Contact Shawn Behrends, SDSL Data Coordinator, 605-773-3131, option 6

E-rate resources

South Dakota has an E-rate coordinator who provides outreach and training to SD libraries and schools.

Contact the E-rate coordinator to subscribe to SD E-rate listserv messages about training opportunities, filing advice, and deadlines.

Debra M. Kriete, Esq.
South Dakota E-rate Coordinator  / 888-232-0241 (toll free)

The following Category 2 information as posted on the SD public libraries listserv, November 2017:

One (keystone of the E-rate program) relates to the purchase and installation of network equipment inside school and library buildings to ensure there is sufficient broadband and Internet connectivity.  These components are called “Internal Connections” and qualify for funding as part of the “Category 2” funding stream.

The Category 2 funding is allocated based on a pre-set budget amount of funding that covers a five year period.  Most libraries qualify for $2.35 x square footage of your library.  There is a floor amount for small libraries (less than 4005 square feet) and small schools (62 or fewer students), which is $9,412.80.  Urbanized libraries – those with IMLS locale codes 11, 12, or 21 – qualify for $5.12 per square foot.

Your E-rate discount is then applied to the E-rate “prediscount” Category 2 budget amount to determine the total amount of Category 2 E-rate funding you could request.  Your requests must be based on signed contracts that are executed after completing the E-rate competitive bidding process via FCC Form 470.

The attached Excel file (see below) contains the square footage of each South Dakota library, based on a report from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the estimated E-rate prediscount budget for Category 2 funding.

If you are a new library that has not applied for E-rate in prior years please email me so I can help you set up your E-rate portal.

Thank you, Debra
Debra M. Kriete, Esq.
South Dakota E-rate Coordinator
888 232 0241 Toll Free #
717 256 0098 Fax

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