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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

SD Titles to Go Description

South Dakota Titles to Go, provided by OverDrive and facilitated by the state library, provides participating public library patrons the ability to download audiobooks and ebooks. Downloadable audiobooks and ebooks are available in a wide variety of popular genres, including bestsellers, fiction, romance, suspense, children's, young adult, business, self-help and language learning. They may be checked out for a period of time, placed on the patron's computer, or transferred to a portable device.

Audiobooks and ebooks are automatically returned when due.

Participating libraries sign participation agreements with OverDrive, which manages all billing and financial aspects directly with the participating library.

Cost to Join and the Purchasing Committee

Each participating public library pays a single annual fee based on population service area (from the most recent ILMS data.). Subscription term is January 1 - December 31. Libraries may sign up anytime. Libraries will "go live" approximately four weeks from sign-up.


Legal Service
Area Population

Annual Fee


Up to 1,500



1,501 — 4,000



4,001 — 10,000



10,001 — 20,000



20,001 — 30,000



30,001--- 100,000




  • The annual fee will be pro-rated if a library joins mid cycle.


Collection Funding and Selection:

The South Dakota Titles To Go annual fee includes a platform fee and a content (ebooks and audiobooks) fee.

Individual titles are purchased using the participation fees allocated towards titles. Prices are set by the publisher and vary widely. Ebook prices are usually significantly less than audiobooks. Titles purchased are available to all participating libraries.

A 5-person volunteer selection committee selects titles. Content is purchased approximately every two weeks. Content budget is typically spent equally on audio and ebooks. All participating libraries may submit title lists to the committee.

To Enroll/Participation Form

Each participating library must complete an OverDrive Participation Form. Public libraries can enroll anytime. Send enrollment forms directly to OverDrive via the contact information below:

Via fax:
Fax: 216-573-6888

Via mail:
OverDrive. Inc.
One OverDrive Way
Cleveland, Ohio 44125

Via email:
Sales ( Email)


The 2020 Collection Development Committee, tier represented, and term expiration (ends Dec. 31 of that year).


Pricing Tier

Term Exp.


LeAnn Kaufman (Chair)
Freeman Public Library




Lori Williams
Moody County Resource Center




Kerry Bowers
Rawlins Municipal Library




Hannah Lagerquist
KO Lee Library, Aberdeen    




Deidre Whitman
Watertown Regional Library





Other Features and Items

  • All participating libraries may submit title lists to the purchasing committee.
  • For new members or members who just want a refresher, visit with printable PDFs and videos on how to order and run reports in Overdrive Marketplace.
  • List of Member Libraries:  
  • SD Titles To Go now has Lexile measures, along with interest (grade level) and ATOS levels to assist in locating books for children at their reading level. The levels are located on the right side of the SD Titles To Go search results page with all the other search filters (format, subject etc.)
  • Users have access to 50 popular magazines published approximately from July 2018 to June 2019. The title list can be downloaded below.

Advantage and Advantage Plus

Overdrive Advantage gives libraries the ability to offer popular title exclusively for their patrons. OverDrive Advantage libraries can purchase additional copies of popular titles that are already in the shared collection, as well as titles that are not yet available. There is also a one-time setup fee. Please contact Overdrive's SD Titles To Go account manager for more information.

Advantage Plus allows one to share some or all of the library's Advantage content with the consortium. Which titles that are shared depends upon the settings chosen by the individual Advantage library; libraries must set up Advantage Plus plans in Overdrive Marketplace to share titles. Note that when an eligible title is shared, all copies of the title will be included.

  • Shared titles will still belong to the Advantage member. Users of any library in the shared collection can borrow or place holds on these titles, but Advantage users will have priority for holds.

  • Titles with active checkouts or holds can be shared if the Advantage Plus plan allows it.

  • All reports will show that the shared titles belong to the Advantage member.


How do patrons access the downloadable audiobooks? (Authentication):

OverDrive provides these types of authentication:

  • Authentication incorporated with individual library integrated library systems (ILS) using authentication scheme provided by the library’s ILS vendor. Individual libraries may experience additional charges by ILS vendors to set up authentication.
  • Click-through authentication that transfers the patron’s session from the individual library catalog to OverDrive
  • OverDrive’s Library Card Manager, in which the individual library uploads patron barcodes for patrons to OverDrive. This method can be used by libraries with or without automation.
  • OverDrive works with multiple barcode schemes. For example, in the case of overlap, patrons could be required to select their home library.

Each participating library can choose the option that works best for them.

How to Access Overdrive Records & Usage Statistics

These are instructions to access MARC records so you may integrate digital titles in your library's catalog.

1. Log in to OverDrive Marketplace

2. Go to MARC Express deliveries under the ADMIN dropdown menu:

This is where you can find the reports of MARC records to download. If you want all of the records, you will need to create a custom report. Click "Create custom file," then click "Create Backdated file." This will allow you to get a file of all the SDTTG records.

Click the link below for more help on MARC Records: