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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

Public Library Training Institute

Public Library Training Institute is a three-year program of continuing education for new library directors, support staff, and trustees of small public libraries. The focus of the curriculum is public libraries. Institute is limited to 25 students. Preference will be given to students that are new to their position and have limited experience working in libraries. 

South Dakota-based library practitioners, support staff and trustees of small public libraries are encouraged to register. No prior formal library science education, or previous college attendance, is required to attend. Students will earn two college credits when attending summer session. 

Institute participants can start the program at any point in the curriculum, but must complete a program of continuing education that includes on-campus and off-campus requirements. A winter course for current students is held every December through April. Participation in this course every year a student is part of the program is required. 

Registration for new students opens every February. Students are responsible for paying for lodging (on or off campus), meals, and transportation. 

Institute instructors provide in-depth classes in: the foundations of public library service; public library administration; services to the public; collections; cataloging and metadata; technology; as well as other current topics. Students earn college credit from the host university, and after completion of the program, are recognized as certified public library practitioners.

Focus areas of the program are administration, library resources and collections, and youth services. 

Library Institute students are encouraged to attend Regional Library trainings in the spring and fall. Two physical locations will be scheduled, along with an online option. . 

Dates are June 2-7 at Northern State University. Focus area is Administration. 


Sunday, June 2nd

Dorm check-in starts at 4 pm – pre-test should have been done in Canvas prior to arrival. Evening meal on your own. At 7 pm, LI will officially begin with meet and greet, schedule review for the week, logistics, Q & A.

Monday, June 3rd
8:30-10:30 Bobbi Newman – author of Fostering Wellness in the Workplace: a handbook for libraries
10:45-12 Advocacy and Libraries - Maribeth Shafer, Director, Great Bend Public Library, KS
12-1 Lunch
1-3 Grants - Sharon Chontos, Owner/Partner, Sage Project Consultants
3:15-4:15  From the Field: Public Library Management - Amber Wilde - Director - Spearfish
4:15-5 Reflection on the days presentations
Tuesday, June 4th
8-9:45 Policy Development - Brenda Hemmelman, SDSL
10-11:30 ALA-OIF - Joyce McIntosh, ALA
1-3 Copyright - Elizabeth Fox, copyright specialist, Briggs Library, SD State University
3:15-4:15 Tour of K.O. Lee Library and hear from Library Director Anna Moser
4:15-5 Reflection on the day's presentations
Wednesday, June 5th
8-10 Library Safety and Security - Dr. Steve Albrecht, library security expert, author of The Safe Library
10:15-11:15 Rio Rancho NM PL on their book banning experience - Jason Shoup, library director
11:15-12 Offering Passport Services in libraries - Benjamin Voas, Minneapolis Passport Agency
1-4:30 (will include break) Weeding/Collection Management/Basics of SD Share-It/ILL - Nina Mentzel/Brenda Hemmelman, SDSL
4:30-5  Reflection on the day's presentations
Thursday, June 6th
8-10 Strategic Planning/Fiscal Management/SD Library Law/Library Boards - George Seamon, SD State Librarian
10:15-11:30 Public Library Survey/Accreditation/Certification/Library Stats - Shawn Behrends, State Data Coordinator, SDSL
1-3 Strategic Planning/Fiscal Management/SD Library Law/Library Boards - George Seamon, SD State Librarian
3:15-5 Student sharing of projects/presentations
Evening Graduate reception
Friday, June 7th
Morning Post-test in Canvas, certificate presentation


The graduates of the SD State Library Institute program and the library in which they worked when they attended.

A.H. Brown Public Library (Mobridge)
Karla Bieber

Lake Andes Public Library
Mary Jo Parker, 2017

Alcester Community Library
Dee Cole
Lemmon Public Library
Carole Watrous
Joyce Mosley
Raven Christman, 2016

Alexander Mitchell Public Library (Aberdeen)
Kathy Case
Debbie Were
Syrenna Maranell, 2013

K.O. Lee Public Library (Aberdeen)
Jan Riggins, 2023

Lennox Community Library
Audrea Buller, 2021

Ashley Memorial Library
Lorraine Nordmann
Leola Public Library
Della Schaffner

Beresford Public Library
Jane Norling
Julie Morren
Annie Crist, 2023

Long Valley School Library
Ardis Ladely
Big Stone City Branch Library
Janelle Kelly
Lower Brule Community College Library
Sandy LaCroix, 2017

Bison Public Library
Jan Gossman
Stacy Kvale, 2014
Nina Loper, 2015
Kallie Kronberg, 2018
Sara Weishaar, 2023 

McLaughlin Public Library
Lydia Schmeichel
Bowdle Public Library
Lydia Schnaible, 2022
Mitchell Public Library
Linda Rishling
Lori Wagner
Jean Jons
Cindy Meinen
Britton Public Library
Peggy Satrang
Sonia Wolf
Sue Bull, 2009
Rhonda Hardina, 2014
Newell Public Library
Gwen Kitzan
Kay Newth
Burke Public Library
Averell Braun
Constance Hoffman
North Sioux City Library
Juanita Grewing
Liane Welte, 2022
Canton Public Library
Arla Albertson
Edith Nelson
Iris Schultz
Tracey Zylstra, 2022
Oglala Lakota College Library
Ron Randall
Wilma Witt
Centerville Community Library
Linda Dobbs
Linda Holmberg
Mary Nelson Ferwerda
Lindsey Hansen, 2013
Parker Public Library
Kathy Rand, 2018
Cozard Memorial Library
Carole Stricherz
Melissa Hutmacher, 2015
Parkston Public Library
Kathy Behrend
Lyle Weekly, 2022
Custer County Library
Marguerite Cullum
Doris Ann Mertz, 2015
Thea Teasley-Whiting, 2023
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Public Library
Cyndie Harlan
Lili Sjomerling
Peggy Dobbs
Dakota Valley School
Janet Miller
Piedmont Valley Library
Jane Abernathy, 2013
Deadwood Public Library
Carol Reif
Pine Ridge Library
Delores Pourier
Dell Rapids Carnegie Library
Deb Huska
Brittany Moeller, 2018
Platte Public Library
Anita Nachitgal
Dewey County Library
Margaret Salzer
May Petersen

Potter County Free Library
Peggy Williams
Renae Lehman, 2016
Barbara Vander Vorst, 2018

Doland Community Library
Lillie Bucholz
Rapid City Public Library
Linda Rogers
Nancy Lloyd
Rhonda Berger
Edgemont Public Library
Kelly Marriot
Ashley Courtney, 2015
Redfield Carnegie Library
Betty Baloun
Linda Keller
Elkton School/Community Library
Sherry Bauman
Donna Lynn
Scotland Community Library
JoAnn Gemar
Bonita Johnson
Kara Vehar, 2016
Michelle Kass, 2021

Emil M. Larson Public Library, Clark
Tara Thomas, 2023

SD State Library
Bell Jacobsen
Gail Jacobsen
Kathy Connell, 2014
Josh Easter, 2021

Freeman Community Library
Bernie Koller
Lee Ann Kaufman, 2013
Sherwood Memorial Library, Doland
Lillie Bucholz, 2016

Grant County Library
Becky Wellnitz
Holly Johnston
Jody Carlson
Judy Harms
Robin Schrupp
Tammy Wollschlager, 2019
Shawna Przybycien, 2019

Siouxland Libraries
Susan Carlson
Betty Kolb
Peggy Lind 
Gregory Public Library
Janice Tilton
Diane Althoff, 2014
Tara Engel, 2023
Sisseton Memorial Library
Delores Eggen
Jayne Nieland, 2017
Janet Schmidt, 2023
Haakon County Library
Missy Koester, 2018
Sisseton Wahpeton College Library
Delight Robertson 
Hamlin-Codington Regional Library
Teresa Petersen
Sturgis School District
Ginny Sannes
Hand County Library
Deb Ruhnke
Laurel Lammers
Sully Area Library, Onida
Jackie Aspelin, 2014
Hanson-McCook Central Library
Doris Dickinson
Tripp County Library
Sandra Hansen
Hill City Community Library
Muriel Anderson
Cindy Girard, 2015
Tammy Alexander, 2022
Viborg Public Library
Joyce Jensen
Caroline Ackerman
Kari Kokesh, 2018
Holbrook Library, Ellsworth AFB
Shelia Isac
Wakonda Public Library
Angela Grider
Hot Springs Public Library
Dawn Johnson
Edie Hooper
Rachel Davila, 2018
Webster Public Library
Gladys Gerriets
Teri Ewalt, 2017
Hurley Public Library
Marilyn Jorgensen
Amy Smith, 2023
Wessington Public Library
Donna Runge, 2021

Irene School/Community Library
Sharon Hinseth
Susan Buchannon, 2018

Wessington Springs Carnegie Library
Barb Horsley
Rhonda Behrens, 2022

Jackson County Library, Kadoka
Deb Moor

Western Dakota Tech Library
Deb Arne
Kennebec Public Library
Alta Copeland
Whitewood Public Library
Dorothy Martian 
Rea Weyrich
Keystone Town Library
Robin Scott, 2019
Yankton Community Library
Corriene Jordahl
Linda Weberg
Susie Lippert, 2018




JoAnne Freitag 605-910-7114

Brenda Hemmelman 605-773-5075.