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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

Annual School Libraries Survey

  • The State Library uses data collected from the School Libraries Survey (SLS) to track changes and trends in South Dakota School Libraries.
  • Funding for services such as the statewide electronic resources for research and education, programs like School Library Boot Camp, and interlibrary loan services are contingent on your participation in the SLS.
  • The annual School Libraries Data Digest provides a snapshot of statewide summary data from the SLS. School districts have access to the data for comparison across districts and over time.
  • One survey is filled out by each district/system. It is okay to project an estimate for survey questions, like circulation, that require a year-end total.
  • Data for all SD school districts/systems are available to school librarians and administrators through the survey portal or by contacting the SDSL Data Coordinator. We encourage you to use it for peer comparison, demonstrating need, and promoting the value of school libraries.