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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

About These Resources

The South Dakota State Library provides a variety of general and subject-based online databases with statewide access. A complete list of these databases containing additional information such as training and marketing materials can be found under the A-Z Electronic Resources tab.

Electronic Resources Task Force (ERTF)


The Electronic Resources Task Force's mission is to review, evaluate, and formulate recommendations for electronic resources for the South Dakota State Library based upon the needs of all parties. The Task Force (ERTF) works with selected members of the State Library staff to review and select electronic resources for statewide access. The ERTF was formed at the South Dakota State Library Board’s recommendation in May 2006.  This task force is active during electronic resources trial years, review times, and other circumstances as determined by the State Librarian.


The South Dakota Electronic Resources Task Force will consist of at least six appointed members: (1) one from a large public library, (2) a smaller public library, (3) a school library, (4) a SD Board of Regents academic library, (5) a non-regental academic library, and (6) a member from a non-library state government agency. Members will serve two-year terms. The South Dakota State Library’s Digital Resources Librarian, will also serve as chair or co-chair of the Task Force.