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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

About the Mile Up program

The South Dakota State Library is working with Mile Up web developers to help public libraries launch their own library websites. The following services will be offered FREE of charge to participating public libraries:

  • A one-page website template that is designed to be easy for you to manage
  • An easy-to-remember website address
  • hosting service
  • start-up assistance

You can do this! We will purchase accounts for 40 libraries. Contact Shawn at SDSL if you are interested or you just have questions.

If you do not think your library needs a new website, please read on…

Why your library needs a website

Your library’s website is your library’s:

  • Yellow Pages listing. The web is where people look to find out your library’s hours, contact info, what services you have.
  • Online front door. First impressions are important! Having a library website shows that your library is a modern, relevant institution.
  • Digital branch. Your website should provide access to your library’s ebooks and other digital offerings and to the online research and reference resources provided by SDSL.

Why your library needs a new website

If you already have a website or a webpage on your city/county website, ask yourself:

  • Is it easy to find my library’s website online?
  • Is it easy to tell people the address of my library’s website?
  • Can I update my library’s website when I need to?
  • Does my library’s website give the impression that we are committed to providing quality information services and programming?
  • Is my library’s website ADA compliant and secure?
  • Does my website work well on a mobile phone?

…but I have a Facebook page…

Social media is great for promoting the library, but you need a website for providing access to your library’s digital services.

Good to know

The State Library will pay for your account, the webpage template, and hosting fees for your library website. If you decide you’d like to add additional pages or other features, you may make arrangements with the vendor to purchase optional add-ons on your own.