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South Dakota State Library Services

A list of services provided by the South Dakota State Library.

South Dakota Share-It

Did you know?

South Dakota Share-It is provided at NO COST to participating libraries

  • We currently have 92 libraries (46 public libraries, 24 school and school/public combo libraries, 17 academic libraries, 5 special libraries)
  • Searchable holdings of over 5 million records
  • The ability to search 59 electronic resources licensed by the SDSL, individually or with a federated search (searching multiple resources at one time)

The South Dakota Share-It network allows users to search library catalogs wherever they have internet access. Authenticated users (users holding a valid library card at a participating library) will be able to search the catalog + the subscription e-resources provided by the South Dakota State Library. All other libraries and patrons that have a South Dakota State Library barcode/password will be able to login and search the subscription eresources.


                                             Click the image to search         Click this image to search

Currently, there are 92 participating libraries:

  • 46 public libraries
  • 24 school/combo libraries
  • 17 academic libraries
  • 5 special libraries

We have 8 spaces left to fill to meet our goal of 100 libraries   


If your library is automated, your catalog may be included in South Dakota Share-It. South Dakota Share-It allows individual libraries to have their own ILS (integrated library system/catalog) and still be able to search multiple catalog and electronic resources at one time, as well as participate in statewide interlibrary loan.


South Dakota Share-It is comprised of two different types of library systems:

  • Z-targets – systems which have z39.50 communication functionality which allows Share-It to see your library catalog automatically: Atriuum, KOHA, Polaris, TLC, WMS, Verso and ALMA
  • Union catalog – systems which do not have z39.50 communication functionality, the library must send MARC records for incorporation into the catalog: Follett Destiny, Concourse, LibraryWorld, ResourceMate, Alexandria


Each participating library must:

  • Complete and sign a Participation Form
  • Complete a Profile Form: there are two different Profile Forms, the library will complete one of these depending upon what type of ILS they use

Staff users may find documentation:

  • Within the system
  • In this online binder

You will need an ACCESS KEY. Please email to request one.


On the Staff Dashboard there is a section called Support: select option SHAREIt



Use these procedures to request an item through South Dakota Share-It.